Soca river kayaking and rafting

Rafting Bovec

There are several attractive activities that can be done on the Soca river, but rafting and kayaking definitely take the cake. The popularity is obvious if you visit the town of Bovec during the summer – the tourist offer is focused on the adventurers that want to go explore the river, and the boats are a perfect way to do that. That’s why for kayaking and rafting, Bovec is the perfect starting point. It has everything you might need, and not just for kayaking or rafting – Bovec is well prepared for the influx of tourists during the summer season, so you will be impressed with the little town’s accommodation capacities, culinary diversity, entertainment options, and other features that make it the perfect vacation destination.

But the adventures are the main reason for visiting. Soca river kayaking and rafting can impress even the most courageous of adventurers, with various thrilling parts of the river and the amazing natural surroundings. The area has something for every taste! For rafting, Bovec offers some great rapids and guided tours along the more thrilling parts of the river. Kayaking can be done along the whole length of the river, so you can find a variety of sections to enjoy. But the offer is very well adapted to the needs of a wide spectrum of tourists – you will find a selection of guided tours and independent adventures that will fit your needs exactly! Soca river kayaking and rafting can be a convenient and fun adventure even if you decide to do it solo. Bovec offers all the necessary equipment and transport, but you will need some knowledge and experience. In every case, the point is that the river will impress anyone, no matter the skill level or the interests.