Varied offer of water-based activities in Bovec, Slovenia

Soca rafting Bovec

Bovec is not very well known, as far as the tourist destinations go. But it is quite famous among the crowd of adrenaline junkies that know everything the attractive natural surroundings have to offer in this part of Slovenia. The best potential and the most fun is to be found on the Soca River flowing right next to the town!

The possibilities are endless, which is already obvious from the offer of basic services, such as Soca rafting – Bovec has a comprehensive offer of services relating to rafting, from equipment rentals to full tours, including transport organization. It’s the best choice for groups and families. For Soca rafting, Bovec is the place to go – even though the river is long, Bovec has all the good spots covered, with white-water rapids courting the daring adrenaline junkies and peaceful courses for a bit more reserved adventurers. In any case, Soca rafting Bovec is just a glimpse into the variety of possibilities that this part of the country offers.

Next up is Soca River canyoning, an example of a bit unusual activity encompassing an even wider selection of possibilities. Soca River canyoning is done on the connecting waterways flowing along the river, as they offer much better conditions for adrenaline canyoning. But most importantly, there are many guided tours available to choose from. Soca River canyoning has no lack of attractive canyons and dynamic streams, but the experience will be worthwhile only with professional execution of the tour. A good guide can make all the difference!

There are other options for water-based fun in Bovec, of course. Canoeing and kayaking are pretty popular, with hydrospeed competing for attention with an unusual experience guaranteed. Combine this with all the other activities around and above the river, and you have the perfect destination for your next trip!