In Case of an Emergency

Soca canyoning

An emergency is any occurrence that poses as an immediate threat to a person’s health, life or property. Usually, emergencies involve the notifying the authorities in order to receive an immediate intervention. This is exactly what any eyewitness of an emergency should do as soon as possible: call emergency services instantly after you make sure it is safe to do so. The type of emergency will enable you to decide whom to call. If there is a fire in your building, notify the fire department. If you witness a car accident on the highway or a Soca canyoning accident on a river, you will need to call an ambulance. Have you seen an upcoming avalanche during a rafting (Bovec, Soca) trip or have you just observed an armed theft? Contact the police immediately. If you are not certain whom to call, do not worry about it. They will put you through to the person in charge. Another thing that you should do is staying calm. If you panic, you will not be able to think clearly which will cause you to do something foolish. As such hysterical actions often have very serious consequences, you should attempt to keep a clear head.

Take the Circumstances into Account

Your circumstances are a big part of your emergency. Your intervention will depend on where you are and what is happening? Are you Soca canyoning or rafting (Bovec, Soca) and someone is drowning? Are you taking a walk in the forest and you have spotted a fire? Has someone been shot during an armed robbery? The first rule is to protect your surroundings. That would mean you would not carelessly jump into your water trying to save your drowning friend during Soca canyoning or rafting (Bovec, Soca) if you also are not the best swimmer. Similarly, you should get away from the forest fire or the armed robber first and then notify the authorities.